Welcome to my portofolio page.

Those are work I have done in the past, or are doing at the moment. My skills are gradually improving over time. I am currently available for work.


Freelance work for Niches Furniture - 2020


Branding and Packaging Design - 2019

Oh Man! Pomade

Freelance work for PT. Inti Cosmetic Lestari - 2018

Darma Henwa

Freelance work - 2016

Internship at PT. Tangguh Cakra Angkasa

For a brief time, We worked on a Large Shipment tracking system for a Logistics company in North Jakarta.

Group Internship Project
  • 2018


Side Project - 2020


WooCommerce Freelance Work - 2020

Anugrah Jaya

Freelance work for CV. Anugrah Jaya - 2018

This website πŸŽ‰

Yes, you are looking at it right now. Server-rendered, code-split JavaScript single page application, built with the latest web technologies (D3, React and Next.js)

Personal Project
  • 2017

Final University Project πŸŽ“

A dog finder app to determine the best dog breed based on user preferences - 2018

La Lune

University Project - Branding and App Development - 2017

Junar Asunyi

Freelance work - 2017


Personal Project - Branding - 2016

I did branding and server maintenance briefly before leaving, It was once the Top 10 Minecraft server worldwide back on the day with over 200 players online and over 2,000 USD of weekly revenue.

  • 2013
  • Discontinued


Personal Project - Branding and Landing Page - 2017


A small VPS hosting company I founded a while ago. I did all it’s branding and template Integration for WHMCS. Had a brief experience configuring Virtual Machine and SolusVM.

  • 2011
  • Discontinued


My first web hosting company when I was 15 years old. Used to have hundreds of customers with reasonable revenue. Though it was unable to continue operating due to lack of experience, the knowledge acquired has been tremendeously helpful to this very moment. I had some experience with cPanel, WHMCS and support ticket system such as Kayako and Zendesk.

  • 2009-2011

Milagra Beauty

First Freelance work - 2014