About me

Some nifty notes

A little about me, I was born and raised in

6.1751° S, 106.8650° 

I've had interest in web design and development since I was 15 years old when I had my first personal computer. Back then I was messing with my own blogspot template and fiddling with HTML when Internet Explorer was still a thing.

I graduated Bachelor of Computer Science last year and are currently working a full time Software Engineering job. We make user interfaces with ReactJS and maintain our GraphQL backend.

I live with my adorable dog, Chloe.

I also binge-watch a lot of TV Shows! Check out my trakt.tv

Oh and these chart below shows my experience or usage with certain stack, technology or tools. The bubbles size and placement are randomly arranged.

Also check my work. You're here for that, don't you?

You can follow me at instagram.